Tavistock, Devon, UK

ADAS Land promoted the development of up to 110 residential units at Butcher Park Hill, Tavistock. The southward sloping site had hedgerow borders and hedgerows dividing it into four fields. The location was used as semi-permanent pasture for sheep and cattle. Access to it was off Butcher Park Hill through a green lane. Within the site, there were entrances at the north-western and south-western corners along with openings in hedgerows of the site boundary.

The scheme proposed consisted of 110 houses, including 40% affordable housing units, associated pedestrian and vehicular access from Butcher Park Hill, highways improvements, parking, open spaces, landscaping and supporting infrastructure. A new pedestrian route was included from the southern end of the site down Butcher Park Hill and adjoining the existing pavement opposite Redmoor Close. To the site’s southern end, a large area (0.8 ha) of public green space was provided, including a play area of about 0.24 ha (well above the required 0.04 ha per 100 people). Further south, a 0.3-ha area was reserved for new allotments to complement the adjacent allotments.

Throughout, buildings were to face directly onto roads behind attractive planted threshold treatment. This aimed to form an architectural language that could be read throughout the site. Terracing in various parts of the site would create a strong linear frontage that was balanced by landscaping and detailed features.

Every effort was made to retain as much of the hedgerow as possible while also increasing the accessible habitat created through many indigenous trees. Large planted areas would form attractive breaks in the urban grain while additional planting along site boundaries would create a natural screen for surrounding areas.

ADAS Land successfully appealed a refusal from West Devon Borough Council by robustly challenging its lack of a five-year housing land supply. The site was subsequently sold to David Wilson Homes.

Tavistock, Devon, UK